Country Overview

In Colombia Rooted in Trust is working to address the impacts of pandemic related information in the Pacific Coast and Colombian Amazon Basin in the Departments of Caqueta, Choco, Putumayo and Vaupes with indigenous, afrocolombians and LGBTIQ groups.

The project seeks to impact the livelihoods of over 30,000 members of the indigenous communities  Emberá Katio in Choco, Caquetá and Putumayo, over 17,000 members of the Koreguaje indigenous community in Caqueta and Putumayo and afrocolombians in Choco.

These regions were prioritized by Internews due to the serious difficulties that target groups have to access to humanitarian aid and health services as well as to generate journalism and access to media content produced to their specific needs, and informational gaps.  In these territories we are working with Indigenous, afro Colombian and LGBTIQ communities that have been greatly affected by the Colombian conflict and face situations as massive displacement, poverty, and discrimination. The spread of the COVID-19 virus exacerbated the existing vulnerabilities faced by these communities. Rooted in Trust 2.0 will address some of these health-related vulnerabilities during its implementation.

Rooted in Trust Colombia research demonstrates the information needs of these communities:  On the move during the COVID-19 pandemic Information, trust and influence among Venezuelans in Nariño, Colombia.

We are working alongside:

Corporación Caribe Afirmativo: Which is an NGO that develops research, training, counseling, advocacy, mobilization and promotion of human rights of LGBTI people, which transversally addresses post-conflict issues and peace building for people with diverse sexual orientations and gender identities.

Sinergias estratégicas para la salud y el desarrollowhich is an interdisciplinary NGO that since 2011 has been supporting the integral development of Colombian society through the promotion of health related policies and strengthening technical and administrative capacities at national, regional and local levels.

We’re producing resources for humanitarian communicators and media. We are sharing rumor trend analysis and creating a network with humanitarian organizations and communities responsible for delivering aid in the target territories Choco, Caqueta, Vaupes and Putumayo. Organizations that are receiving our information include Save the Children, World Vision and WFP. To access all the content that have produced click here and if you want to give us any feedback or want to be included in our distribution list please click here.

We are working to create a journalist and media organizations network within our targeted communities, if you want to be part of this and/or receive the information that we will be sharing around health and the COVID-19 Pandemic please click here and fill in this survey. You can also join our network of journalists on WhatsApp, through this link.

For more information, contact Maria Orduz Mateus [email protected]


Information Ecosystem Assessment

Rooted in Trust


This research aims to understand of informations dynamics in the context of Venezuelan refugee and migran populations in the Colombia-Ecuador border region, talking a specific look at the LGTBQI+ migrant community


Information Ecosystem Assessment

Rooted in Trust

How to communicate health issues in times of crisis?

Information Ecosystem Analysis in Chocó 






Social Media Snapshot

Rooted in Trust uses qualitative and quantitative approaches to collect and respond to misinformation in the contexts where we work. The information below is powered by Talkwalker and aims to give a quick snapshot of the trends in information being shared about COVID-19 on social media in this context. This data is meant as illustrative of general trends rather than being representative of the beliefs of all groups.




For a more comprehensive analysis of misinformation shared in online and offline spaces that intentionally seeks out the beliefs and opinions of vulnerable members of the community, please see our Rumor Bulletins.



Information Ecosystem Assessment

Rooted in Trust

On the move during the COVID-19 pandemic: Information, trust and influence among Venezuelans in Narino, Colombia

This research aims to understand of information dynamics in the context of Venezuelan refugee and migrant populations in the Colombia-Ecuador border region, taking a specific look at the LGBTQI+ migrant community.