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In Madagascar, Rooted in Trust is working to address the impacts of pandemic related information across the country with vulnerable communities et low litterated communities.

L' RiT 2.0 project is implemented in 6 regions: Androy, Anosy, Analamanga, Vakinakaratra, Haute Matsiatra and Vatovavy.  

L' project focuses on listening et collecting rumors around COVID-19 and issues of public health, vaccination and the COVID-19 response. Those are addressed in a periodic rumor bulletin in a way that places communities et individuals at the center of concerns and information needs. Through this listening, la project seeks to give more trustworthy information to communities, the media and humanitarians so that they can make decisions that will benefit them. 

We are working alongside:

Communication Idea Development or Hai-Serasera Manonga Dia, an NGO whose mission is to develop the information and media environment and communication for development, supporting the various actors to contribute to social peace, the development of information rights, local development and gender equality. In addition, they focus on the promotion of citizen participation in public life.  

Ilontsera an NGO that promotes a peaceful, equitable et responsible media environment that truly serves citizenship et human rights. Their mission is to restore public confidence in information, to prevent the spiral of conflict et extremism, accompanying media actors in respecting ethics et deontology, to work for the access of the population to quality information, promote research for an inclusive and free media communication. 

Coalition des Radios an NGO who focuses on peace building in Madagascar by acting, among other things, for the respect of human rights, access to information for all, rumor management, good governance et transparency. They convey messages and teachings through training on various themes for various actors, the production of programmes at the local and national level, the production of spots, radio dramas and community dialogues. 

VIAMO short for “via mobile”, our service provider whose mission is to improve lives by providing et gathering critical information via mobile devices. They work to overcome information gaps and solve implementation challenges on large-scale, high-impact projects with a focus on the devices people have, the languages they understand, and the digital channels best suited to their needs. 

For more information, contact Ny Aina Rahagala, the project manager, [email protected] 







Guides journalistiques



Instantané des médias sociaux

Rooted in Trust utilise des approches qualitatives et quantitatives pour collecter et répondre à la désinformation dans les contextes où nous travaillons. Les informations ci-dessous sont alimentées par Talkwalker et vise à donner un aperçu rapide des tendances des informations partagées sur le COVID-19 sur les réseaux sociaux dans ce contexte. Ces données sont censées illustrer les tendances générales plutôt que d'être représentatives des croyances de tous les groupes.




Pour une analyse plus complète de la désinformation partagée dans les espaces en ligne et hors ligne qui recherche intentionnellement les croyances et les opinions des membres vulnérables de la communauté, veuillez consulter notre Bulletins de rumeurs.

Les partenaires

Communication Idea Development