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Internews continues to support local media, health, and humanitarian organizations as agents in the creation and maintenance of feedback loops so that we can understand, and address health information needs in real time and connect communities with information that fits their context.

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Global COVID-19 Guidance

The global COVID-19 crisis has not only highlighted the critical role of information and guidance for continued functioning of societies but has also brought light to the startling rumors and healthcare responses within the local community as well.

Global Rumor Bulletins

The RiT rumor bulletins serve as a collection of misinformation and rumors centered around COVID-19 with a special focus on low to middle-income communities both at the global & local levels to combat the spread of this localized misinformation and rumors.

Internews COVID-19 Updates

Read all the latest RiT COVID-19 stories and updates related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Internews has made organizational investments and developed projects to address the long-term needs of a world changed by COVID-19.